How to Make Your Wedding a Colorful Celebration


Colors can make or break the aesthetics of a wedding. Too many or too bright colors can be over powering, while too little or too dull colors can make the setting dreary and boring. Look for colors that compliment each other, but don’t be afraid to add something a little extra to make the color combination perfect.


Always Classic

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.05.26 PM

Some colors will never go out of style. Blushes will always be used for weddings and Reds are popular for winter weddings. Shades of greys are safe to combine with these vibrant colors. For a blush, we would recommend a soft grey, while for a red; a dark grey will really allow the red to shine. Navys and Blues will always be a beloved favorite. Navys go well with whites or bright colors. Plums work fantastic for fall.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.08.34 PM


Pops of Color

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.09.25 PM

Peaches, Turquoise, Bright Pinks, and Purples are new hot colors great for summertime and spring weddings. These bright colors match the setting of the lively weather. But don’t combine them all at once. These bright colors can be over powering, but can make such great accents. Add some pink lacing to your bodice or use Turquoise ink on your place cards. Peach napkins make any table look beautiful and look perfect with floral centerpieces.

Shimmer and Shine

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.11.55 PM

Golds and Silvers are fun to play with. This year gold colors are very in. Combining gold with a light pink is very hot for weddings this year. Meanwhile, silvers are a great neutral color that makes it easy to pair with light pinks and blues.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.12.57 PM

The most important thing to remember when picking colors is start with one or two main colors. Make sure they are colors you know you will never hate. It’s easy to add small touches with complimenting colors, but you only really need one or two main colors to help focus your wedding.

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When is it Time to Save the Date?

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.17.59 PM

Engagements are full of fun and excitement, but the wedding plan can be stressful. It’s even harder for the vendors to work with you if you have too many ideas or have no idea what you are doing. Once you get engaged, before you start planning on any details, get your date and venue. Every vendor you will meet will ask you when is your wedding and where are you having it.

If you have your date and venue, it is now the perfect time to get your Save the Dates. Save the Dates aren’t meant to be intimidating. They just help notify friends and family when and where your wedding will be. It’s important to get these out as soon as you know your date and venue and not before then. Keep in mind when you get your Save the Dates, they aren’t a formal invitation. Make sure you inform your friends and family that a formal invitation will be coming to them at a later date.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.18.29 PM

When should you send out your Save the Dates?

If you don’t have a venue or date, don’t send out Save the Dates. If you know both, you want to get your Save the Dates out as soon as possible. If you have a lot of people or have people traveling (particularly in the summer or during travel seasons), send your Save the Dates out 12 to 10 months in advance. Make sure to include the town the wedding will be held in, so guests have enough time to find accommodations. If most of your guests are in a local area or if you don’t invite many guests, it is fine to send out Save the Dates 8 months in advance.


What information should be on your Save the Dates?

Besides the date and location, it’s a good idea to provide a website to your guests with all additional information. The Save the Date isn’t supposed to have a lot on it. Your invitations will provide more information to your guests. If you want you guests to know more, create a website and have the website available on your Save the Date.Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.19.02 PM


What if you want your Save the Date to match your invitations, but you are not sure what invitations you want?

It’s ok if you aren’t sure what invitations you want yet, but you don’t want to wait too long for your Save the Dates. If you want a more cohesive look make sure you talk with your Stationary Consultant. They can help you find the right paper or collection to make your Save the Dates look similar to your invitations. Make sure to stay with the same Stationary Consultant if you want a more unified look. It’s also easier if you keep the Save the Dates simple to make it look consistent. But, don’t think your Save the Dates have to match your invitations. These are just a less formal way of telling your friends and family to save the date.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.15.24 PM

When you are finally ready for your Save the Dates, The Persnickety Bride has made it easier than ever to get them. Click Here to order your Save the Dates online right now. Or if you want more consulting, book an appointment with us to see even more products in the office. Don’t forget go to WeddingWire or the Knot and create a wedding website for all your friends and family to keep them posted on all your wedding ideas.

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The Persnickety Bride’s first bridal show of 2017!!


In 2016 we had a banner year!  Not only were we named a “Hall of Fame” winner on The Knot, but we were written up in Stationery Trends and given kudos from many industry specialists.

This past weekend we exhibited at The O’Neill Center Bridal Show in Danbury, CT.  It was put together by Wedding Steps.  We were (happily) placed front and center of where all the lovely atendees were lining up. Swag bags in hand, these ladies and gents were ready to take on the show.  Our products looking flawless, we were ready for wonderful tales of engagement and to spread the word of our dedication to serving our terrific bridal and event clients.



Throughout the show, we had so many wonderful couples come up to the booth and “ooo” and “ahh” at our products. Our jewelry selection was a huge hit this year with many brides trying on headpieces, bracelets, and sashes.  We have such a big selection of new product.  We are so excited for what is to come in 2017!!   We are beginning to roll out our new branding and soon we will be offering product on line directly on our new e-commerce website.


We managed to get a short video of our gorgeous collection or jewelry, custom favors, and accessories between all the excitement! Throughout the video, we show elaborate cake toppers, custom printed t-shirts, scented candle favors, engraved and custom printed glassware, ring bearer pillows, gold, silver, and rose gold jewelry, and shimmer clutches.

We can’t thank all the couples enough who stopped by our booth over the weekend and we are taking appointments now so set one up today! Meanwhile, The Persnickety Bride is gearing up again for another bridal show this weekend.

We will be at the The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station in Haddam, CT on Sunday, January 22nd from 11am to 3pm! We have even more products and ideas to show that we know you are going to love! We hope to see you there~

We are getting ready for a great year!  Hope you are as well….

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We’re still celebrating this HAPPY New Year!


The Persnickety Bride has once again become a 2017’s Best of Weddings winner!

What a wonderful way to start off the year with a winning email from our lovely friends at The Knot. It is thanks to our wonderful ladies and our no-nonsense attitude that brought us home the win!
In all of our excitement with the new year, we have scheduled a few bridal shows we would love to see you at in the near future!


This Bridal Show Season includes:

January 15, 2017 – The O’Neill Center Bridal Show in Danbury, CT – 1:00 p.m.
January 22, 2017 – The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station in Haddam CT – 11:00 am
February 12, 2017 – Trumbull Marriott Show in Trumbull, CT – 1:00 p.m.
February 26, 2017 – Dolce Norwalk in Norwalk, CT – 1:00 p.m.
March 14, 2017 – Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in Mahopac, NY – 6:00 p.m.

Since we have written this post we have been asked to do two more shows.  Normally we do very few shows, but after completing a client survey this year, we found that our couples love meeting us at shows and discussing their ideas for their wedding before setting an appointment.

If going to a show would be helpful for you, you can be sure that myself or a couple of my staff will take great care of you at the above shows.

Sign up for our blog and keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter (Thepersnicketyb) and Insta (thepersnicketybride)

See you all soon!  xoxo



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A New Sparkling Addition to Our Accessories

Heaven in a Handbag

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, The Persnickety Bride went on a little mission for some new items to spice up our collection of accessories and what better place than the New York International Bridal Show. Classic meets chic, soft meets daring; our handbags cover all the bases of what any bride would want.


Sparkle Detailimg_6501

These two clutches are the first item we would like to present with their sleek oblong design. Available in both silver and gold, they can be the power piece in your ensemble without going too overboard in all that sparkles. The glittering effect is pleasing to the eye and soft edges make the bags easy to hold while still having an overall sturdiness to it. Two magnetic clips snap the clutch together for a seamless close as well as a silver chain strap if you would rather have your hands free to thank your guests for joining you on your big day.


Sparkle Detailimg_6503

As we continued our journey, we spotted another two gorgeous purses that were not going to be left behind.  The left piece alternates between dark grey and white jewels on a silver purse to give it a maze-like appearance, as if it almost was mesmerizing you to never look away.  The purse to the right goes for an almost complete “bejeweled” look with round and baguette shaped beads. While we don’t always like to play favorites, we can’t help but love this one a little more. TECH SAVVY NOTE: These bags as well as the ones before have been tested by the manufacturer to make sure a smartphone can cozily fit inside; so fear not! Now you can always have your important items with you at all times.


Whether you’re having a black tie or rustic wedding, our clutches will work for any event. In this photograph, these purses have an upscale look to them but can still be for a “down to earth” kind of bride. Beads and sequins may not be your thing but a soft material and muted color can tone down some of the “flashiness” of the clutch like the one on the far right. A floral design may be too over the top in someways but even having your purse resemble the shape of a bouquet can produce appealing results. Or perhaps, you need even more flowers, in which case our purses get the job done by giving plenty choices between cloth ones, jeweled ones and a mixture of jewels, cloth and beads.


Our collection continues to grow in style and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a beaded floral purse or a simple clutch with a ZING to it, The Persnickety Bride has what you are looking for. Please feel free to give us an email at if anything sparks your interest as well sell right from our office. That’s all for now!



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Pearls of Wisdom – Advice from our Brides

 Today, we’re embarking on a new segment with some of our Persnickety ladies. This time, we have two lovely brides who agreed to answer some questions in regards to their wedding “I win”s and “I wishes”!


Katie & Ali  -  HK Photography                     Danielle & Rick - Melani Lust Photography

1. If you could plan your wedding again, what is one thing you would do differently?

Danielle: I wish I had worked with the venue to get the price per guest lower. I didn’t know that people did that until after the wedding!

Katie: Elope. I was definitely an anti-bride.  I don’t like being the center of attention. I wasn’t interested in having a big ceremony and huge party.  I just wanted to go to Vegas or simply down to the city hall to get married.  I didn’t want to deal with the stress. Unfortunately I was over-ruled by both sides of the family, so we ended up having exactly what I didn’t want – a large wedding complete with a 30 minute ceremony.  Looking back at it, my husband tells me I was right – we should have eloped.

2. What is one thing you wish you had done before your wedding? (Preparing-wise)

Danielle: We had a large bridal party and booked two suites (one for girls and the other for guys) to use to get ready before the ceremony. Although I booked the rooms in advance I didn’t look at the suites until the day before when we checked in and they were a little too small for so many people =)

Katie: I wish we had hired a planner – even if it was only a day-of planner.  It would have saved us so much stress and aggravation.  I feel like our day would have gone more smoothly with someone else helping us and taking charge besides the wedding event coordinator.

3. What were two things you are glad you splurged on for your wedding?

Danielle: Our photographer, Melani Lust, and my dress by Heidi Elnora from A Little Something White in Darien. Melani captured such great photographs and my dress was perfect for me =)

Katie: I was over the moon about our florist and our photographers.  The florist created an amazing arch and aisle for the ceremony along with gorgeous bouquets, Boutonnières and tall/ short centerpieces for the reception.

Our photographers were just wonderful.  We had a first look session and family photos before the ceremony.  They loved my mother grabbing them to take relative photographs!!  They even stayed an hour later than they normally would have!  They created a beautiful photo album for us as well.  I highly recommend Sharon Elizabeth’s Floral Design and HK Photography!!

4. What is your biggest wedding regret (if there are any)?

Danielle: Getting a spray tan!! They always say that you shouldn’t change your beauty routine right before the wedding and I wasn’t happy when it started coming off on my dress! Other than that our day was perfect!!!

Katie: I would say my biggest regret was the wedding venue itself.  While it was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for what we were looking for, the venue/staff were fairly new to weddings.  They house many large events throughout the year, but recently got into weddings.  There were a lot of moving pieces with our wedding that I’m not sure they were quite prepared for, so a lot of things went wrong.  I’m sure with a smaller wedding, the venue is just fine.  I also regret not being able to relax and enjoy the day.

That’s all for this time! We hope these testimonials help out with your wedding selections and ideas~ We look forward to hearing from even more of you soon.

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The beautiful glass – The Knot – Hall of Fame Award has arrived!

We start off Fall with an exciting boost of confidence as we continue to find you the best stationery to make your wedding experience perfect!


The Newest Addition to our Collection

It had been a long morning of phone calls, art proofs, and final touches when, to our pleasant surprise, a package arrived at our doorstep. This little beauty, shining in all its glory, had finally made its way to us. Since 2012, The Persnickety Bride had been consecutively given the title of The Knot’s “Best of Weddings”, a group of vendors with the highest and most-rated across the region. In 2016, our title became even greater as we were placed in The Knot’s “Hall of Fame” for having won four times prior. We thank you for your continued support as we help make your moments right starting from the beginnings of “Save-the-Dates”.


Sneak Peek of Black Tie Delights

This gorgeous piece we are currently working on calls on quite a few techniques of printing but wraps itself nicely together as a whole package. While our cameras may not serve the “best” justice for this invitation, it highlights the clearly raised feathery swirls. The golden outline separates the texture from the smooth paper in a way that draws the eye to the engraved motif of the couple’s initials. The paper itself is a champagne color with a modest sheen that allows the more simple “Reception” and “Response” cards stand on their own as beautiful pieces. We can’t wait to see it up close and personal!

We look forward to this new season full of surprises! Keep up with what is happening here at The Persnickety Bride by joining our blog or Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Until next time! xx

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The Ooo’s, Ahh’s, and Ohh’s of Spectacular Wedding Stationery Suites!

As April begins to close, we are showering you with some of our newest work from

The Persnickety Bride and gearing up for the final summer months of the bridal season.




Even when starting at the same point, we see where 2-three layer invitations can look SO different. While both brides loved the shimmer paper bottom, black middle, and cream top, customization was the ultimate key to create the unique visions for each of them. The first uses a champagne bottom layer with a more dominant script font to catch the eye. The couple decided to go with their names being at the top to give draw attention where it is due. And why not? It is their special day! The second uses a gold paper and gorgeous black bow to separate the names and information in a seamless fashion. They also decided to go with a tighter gold bottom layer for a sleeker look. Both combinations present an overall sense of elegance and high class.

IMG_4998    IMG_4997     


Forever Engraved

This new piece has got us going GA-GA! This invitation represents why often times the TOUCH and FEEL of paper is so important. The engraving for this invitation requires additional work, which is why we are so blown away. Actual metal plates are created solely for each piece of stationery and then stamped into the paper to give it a RISE. The gold ink has a beautiful contrast against the white board with gold edging on the invite. In addition, the blush band adds to the soft and delicate nature of the whole package but packs a pleasing punch to the guests. We’re still swooning over it!


IMG_4992      IMG_4993
Silver Linings

Our final piece for today is another showstopper. Our brides seem to love the back pocket as a fashionable yet functional way of putting all their stationery together as one. The bride went with a shimmer blue “BLISS” as the bottom layer with a white top. Our photo may not do the best justice but what takes the cake with this invitation is the embossed lettering at the top “the wedding of”. These details along with the wave lines below the text give the paper a relaxed air to it. The RSVP card and reception card completed the package with the same silver thermography.

Keep up with what is happening here at The Persnickety Bride by joining our blog or staying on top of Us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Until next time! xx

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Shimmer layered paper, fabulous fonts and ribbons galore

The Persnickety Bride has been sizzling hot this wedding season!  We have honestly created some of the most gorgeous wedding invitation suites ever thanks to the ever flowing imagination of our couples.  This year we have created exquisite engraved invitations, multi color letterpress suites and of course fabulous paper layered, pocketed invitations, many adorned with ribbons or crystals.


The wedding season is in full swing and the weather is throwing everyone off, but fear not for The Persnickety Bride is here to entertain and amaze. Our lovely first act includes a dinner rehearsal invitation with font matching return addressing. The 2 layer card with mica bottom and silver ink gives it a sophisticated look on cream paper while still being easily readable. This is a perfect example for a bride or groom who might have a lot of information to give to their guests but still keeping the traditional look.

IMG_4850      IMG_4852

Our 2nd attraction features a more modern tone and changes to the original design to give a uniqueness the pair was looking for. Originally featuring embossed lettering, our bride switched for a gorgeous twisted ribbon of purple and matched it with the text color. This invitation not only presents itself horizontal but also provides a handy back pocket to allow guests to store a reception, accommodations, and/or direction card.

IMG_4846     IMG_4847

Triple layer invitation for our third masterpiece features a matching rehearsal dinner card, response card & envelope all done in thermography. The blush and champagne add a soft touch to the deep navy ink presenting a beautiful contrast between light and dark. In addition, this bride made the grand opening of the envelope a little more special for her guests by adding a motif with the couple’s names on the inner flap.  Notice the vibrant shimmer on the papers.  We love working with shimmers.  They really add a special touch to any suite.   The fabulous Swash font is spectacular and creates a great visual focal point in presenting the bride and groom’s names.

We hope that when you read our blog and visit our website you find some great ideas on creating elegant invitation suites and other custom products that will set the stage for your special celebration!

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