The best of the blackboard and black vintage chic wedding

Ok so let’s talk about the blackboard or black vintage  inspired weddings.

We have seen so many interpretations of what you can do with a blackboard and black chic invitations, favors and accessories. Mix it up with the look of some fabulous flowers, a pretty outside rustic table and a cool tall pitcher of lemonade with mason jars labeled in blackboard.   We are right now in the middle of doing two black board events.  One is a wedding and one is a graduation party.   Each of them are being treated really differently.

The cabbage rose floral inspired invitation below is the theme we are looking at for the high school graduation for one great young client.  It’s soft pretty and perfect for their outdoor celebration.

3088_AA33438PO 3166_NKK26694 3088_AAN19787NAP

Now for our wedding client we created a very chic black and foil invitation for the wedding with coordinating table cards, menus, RSVP’s even the direction card was done in black and silver – totally chic and vintage inspired.  We paired it up with a terrific candy bag for their candy bar.

There are all sorts of beautiful products, accessories and custom favor products we can create to make this trend personal and memorable for you and for all your cherished guests.


Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 10.11.12 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-06 at 10.09.37 PM

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The Paper Game – Selecting a Style of Invitation

1794567_729249457109107_1065338579_nOnce the holidays were over we got super busy here at The Persnickety Bride.  It’s interesting how every year there are new trends in weddings including paper products.    Normally when we have a new bride make an appointment with our office we have a bridal check list that goes out to her.   It runs down a number of key items she needs to think about before meeting with us.

I find that by “cutting to the chase” we know exactly what the bride is looking to achieve in a wedding invitation suite.  It also helps us if she is looking to also use us for other customized favors and products.

It is always best to get started on your save the dates 9 months before the wedding.  That way hopefully you are getting them out at least 8 months before your date.   As for invites you should purchase invitations at least 5 months before the wedding.  It is going to take time to get your wedding guest list together, get your wording together and also find what you really love (and that is in budget).  1932287_729249470442439_1098679691_nSpeaking of which we work with all types of brides with all types of budgets.

Our average bride who is having a wedding of 100 people with a church wedding and a reception venue on average spends between $1,500.00 to $1,700.00 on paper.  We do specialize in customizing all types of paper products and work in thermography, letterpress and engraved invitations.  We also create fabulous boxes and folios for a very formal and elaborate weddings and events.  We are currently working on a silk shantung folio in a deep jewel tone red with jeweled clip with feather and silver and cream invitation.  Topping it off with a silver sparkle ink.   We have photographed in this blog a black moire folio and the pink silk shantung box in the back of the picture.

We also have brides that  are putting smaller, and more budget friendly weddings together and need to purchase paper  in the range of $300.00 to $1,200.00.  Keeping cost down is determined by the type of invitation you create and what types of embellishments you chose to put on it.  So much can be done with fonts and colors that a great looking paper can be created with the right paper stock, interesting motifs and great ink colors.  A simple pearl already applied to a paper can create a beautifully elegant invitation without a big ticket price.

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A New Year at The Persnickety Bride !!!

Hi all!!

It is a fabulous New Year at The Persnickety Bride and we have so much to announce I  can’t contain myself.

The Persnickety Bride once again has won Best of The Knot Weddings 2014 and Couple’s Choice 2014 for Wedding Wire.   We have several years of consecutive years awards with both websites and we are happy they are partners in our success!

This past year we have had tremendous growth thanks to all our brides who have recommended us and new brides that have worked with us in 2013.

We are so proud of the  work we have done and all the smiles we created (as well as moments of jealousy when OTHER brides to be got our invitations..) I hear all the stories.. believe me.. I also hear about how our accessories are fabulous,  the favors so special..   Yes I hear it all!

We have also worked with a number of super groomzillas this year!  They have been fun and I love the fact the guys are so involved in their big day!  Super cool.

So – I have made the promise that I am going to write and make this blog the place to go this year!  Help me by passing it along to all your friends.

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Vineyard Wedding and Champagne Wishes

Our famous Nappa Valley Save the Date wine glass...

Our famous Nappa Valley Save the Date wine glass

Part of the fun of planning a wedding is being able to tie your venue and theme to useful favors and gifts for your guests.  These days, a wedding is an experience that many of our brides and grooms want to their guests to thoroughly enjoy and remember for years to come.

In our previous blog we showed and explained how you can personalize your wedding to your tastes by incorporating certain details from the invitations into custom favors.  One way to do this is by putting the customized design on the invitations that follow through on other elements of your wedding.  We especially love our clients with vineyard and holiday related themes as we get to do the ultimate gift…. Wine or Champagne glasses and custom splits!

Champagne Splits – how cute!

At The Persnickety Bride we offer a wide range of glassware that can be personalized to your wedding, including wine glasses , champagne glasses mason jars and carafes. It’s the perfect scenario – you get to have special glassware that reminds you of your special day.

Customizing the glassware and beverage favors at your wedding are the perfect way to add a unique touch that your guests will definitely notice and remember!

Wine Edits 2

We can personalize a variety of glasses to meet your specific needs!



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Boxes, Bows and Baubles

A resurgence of glamour…

Revenge Invitation 1 2

One of the coveted “Fire and Ice Ball” invitations from Revenge.

I for one have become a huge fan of the program Revenge on ABC. It depicts a glamorous but yet twisted lifestyle of the well-heeled Hamptons society.

Like shows gone by in the 80’s (think Dynasty – which you may have to look up in Wikipedia if you were born in the 80’s)… the boxed invitation is back in a very very big way.

Revenge Invitation 3 2

Jack from Revenge just received an invitation from the Graysons.

Gorgeous moire and velvet boxes, fabric lined boxes, boxes of all shapes and sizes. We also have fabric “wallets” to hold your invitations some set with jewels others with a simple bow to open.

There are countless ways to create a box and all different types of price points. Depending on the fabric you can fit a box and mailer into your budget. You just need to know where to add the drama to get the biggest impact.

Trend Marketing Gatefold Padded Box Half

Bookfold Padded Box

Here at The Persnickety Bride we love to design invitation boxes or any gift box for your favor or invitation needs. They are a especially nice idea for those looking for a small amount of invitations but want something dramatic to present.

Trend Marketing Bookfold Padded Box Open

Gatefold Padded Box

I have put on this page a couple fabulous representations of what we can create for our clients. As I said the idea of personalization is key to achieve your style for your special day or event!

Uniquely Yours Invitation Box

The gorgeous detailing on this box and invitation make for a classy invite to your special day!

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Throw Back to the Past : Trends of 2012- 2014 seasons

Chantilly Lace and Art Deco Style

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

We all knew in hearing Leonardo DeCaprio was going to be starring in film version of the Great Gatsby that somewhere a style trend would follow.

Since the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate in the England two years ago, luxurious lace has been on the mind and hearts of many brides-to-be.

That incredible gown brought back reminders of the iconic gown worn by Princess Grace of Monaco in 1956 at her marriage to Prince Rainer.  The Hollywood dress designer Helen Rose was a favorite of Princess Grace having dressed her in several movies prior to her becoming a princess.

Lace Pieces

Vintage Lace Garters

Those two spectacular gowns have made way for a trend that is not only a throw back to more romantic times, but it is allowing the accessory business a full throttle on developing gorgeous pieces to go hand and hand with the trend.

Bride Head Piece

Bride Head Piece

We are seeing a tremendous resurgence of luxury in wedding elements.

Papers in Chantilly lace, wedding boxes, more jewel adornments and white feathers are also becoming more and more of a fashion statement on invitations as well as pillows and accessories.

Feather Ring Pillow

Feather Ring Pillow

Checkerboard Brides Victoria Suite 8

Chantilly Lace Invitations

We carry them all here at The Persnickety Bride and are elbow deep in luxury and loving every minute of it!

Art Deco Invitations

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Your wedding brand – uniquely your own

The one thing that we pride ourselves here at The Persnickety Bride is our ability to literally create beautiful and unique custom event and wedding products.  Owning a marketing firm for 23 years in the gift, stationery and media industry, our firm brings tremendous knowledge to our event and wedding customers.  Our name The Persnickety Bride, is an offshoot of our other division Persnickety Promotions,  in Sandy Hook Connecticut located in Fairfield Country.  We also work with brides throughout New England, Westchester, NY,  New York City, and New Jersey. Whether a client is looking to create a custom brand look and carry it as a theme through their event, or they are trying to locate a very unique item, we usually can turn up whatever is needed in record time.

We just recently finished this fabulous Save-The-Date for a bride and her mother ordered custom made champagne glasses for her bridal shower.  Her wedding invitations are now in the works and we should be talking about her favors very shortly.   It’s a great thing to be able to create the whole package in one place.  It’s easy to track, and more importantly you get the continuity you want in the look of your wedding or event.

Clean, crisp simply stunning Save-The-Date

Clean, crisp simply stunning Save-The-Date

Fabulous twisted stem champagne glass with custom art in Navy

Fabulous twisted stem champagne glass with custom art in Navy

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Setting the tone for your wedding

Full of glorious jewel tones and natural tones

Full of glorious jewel tones and natural tones

So you and your fiancé have now gotten engaged, are in the process of locating a ceremony location and perhaps a venue.

You both know your personalities and what you like and dislike.  At least you thought you did until you started wedding planning.

Now some of you may absolutely be on the same page with regard to what your big day is going to be like, then some of you will need to learn  marital compromise just a little earlier.

We have seen so many couples that come to The Persnickety Bride  in Sandy Hook, in  Fairfield County Connecticut that we usually can see very quickly what attracted our couples to each other.  Many of them do have the same vision  for their wedding.  Then you do have some couples that do need to bend their vision to accommodate for perhaps a need to have a cigar bar at the wedding or a photo booth.  Couples today have tremendous choices of what they want to incorporate into their wedding theme. There is so much it can become overwhelming. I believe some of the best ways to get your thoughts down is by looking at different items on pinterest boards.  The visuals are wonderful and you can basically create your own wedding story board through pinterest to work from in your wedding planning.  We love adding to our pinterest board by wedding themes (when we get a free moment of course) currently we have 24 boards that you can see on .clients.

As a design team we love to see the colors and fabrics our brides bring into us to help complete their wedding stationery suite, their custom favors, gifts and tabletop.   We love color and texture especially in our stationery papers.  It’s always interesting to switch up styles throughout the day based on the likes of each of our clients.

So just remember in setting the tone, pull the pieces together as a visual collage that you use to guide your decisions.  In thinking about tone I located a couple wedding settings that I thought were just lovely.  You can see the color, the texture and theme in each one of the venue elements.  Enjoy!

magnificent use of Magnolias

magnificent use of Magnolias

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Your Save the Date style tells alot about you as a couple

Your Save the Date is pretty much your calling card to the world that –  Hey – we are getting HITCHED!!     The best part is that one little card can speak volumes about your personality as a couple.

It can be playful.  It can be fashion forward.  Or it can be romantic and traditional.   Here at The Persnickety Bride in Sandy Hook, CT we have created them all.   We have produced balloon Save the Dates that have been sent flat and then blown up.  We have created hankies as a Save the Date.  Our best Save the Date was an etched wine glasses for a Napa Valley wedding.  It went along with a Save the Date invitation about our client’s upcoming wedding in the vineyard.  In a lovely cardboard  box.   Now those were pretty special.

The beauty of your Save the Date is that it can start to set the tone for your wedding.  You can give your guests and little peek of what your big day will be like for them.

I’ve put a couple photos of some of the ones I just love.  I was trying desperately to find the great one I have that looks like a passport and I just couldn’t find it.  Talk about a great Save the Date for a destination wedding.

Well when I find it, I’ll post it – promise.  So for now, I hope you enjoy the ones below.  We have a large selection of Save the Dates on our website and we certainly know how to make up creative ones as well.  So let your imagination soar!

fun loving and free spirited

fun loving and free spirited




Romantic and elegant ... simply stunning...

Romantic and elegant … simply stunning…

Comfortable and Casual

Comfortable and Casual

Our famous Nappa Valley Save the Date wine glass...

Our famous Nappa Valley Save the Date wine glass…

So sophisticated and beautiful NYC by night

So sophisticated and beautiful NYC by night

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A Brand New Year – A Brand New Flurry of Brides!!

Well here we are in a brand new month of the brand new year of 2013!! Along with the new year comes a new group of engaged couples that have just jumped into the realm of wedding preparation.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be the most daunting task in your life.  There are a couple rules of “engagement” if you will in the fine art of preparing for your wedding day. The first rule is do not run out and buy a single bridal magazine. Allow yourself at least a full two weeks to simply be engaged. Breath… get excited… but don’t you dare buy a magazine. You have plenty of time to get overwhelmed (and trust me you will be overwhelmed) – so relax smile and enjoy all the lovely compliments you will get over your ring and your groom to be.

The second rule is to take your hubby to be and sit him down. Look into his eyes and ask him (and yourself) what you want your wedding to be. It’s your day, it is all about you two and sharing that with the ones you love. Write down what you would like to have on your wedding day. Is it a particular venue, or maybe a few venues, write them down. Is it a theme, perhaps something you both share. A type of ceremony. Pies for desert instead of cake or cupcakes. You can of course write down a budget but do it in the form of a marker so that you can gauge where you would like to be on the entire wedding. This can of course be fined tuned if parents are helping out or other family members.

In these first two weeks of engagement bliss, enjoy each other – collect information or go see the venues and ceremony venues (if they are separate) so you can get an overview of what is available for the time you would like to get married. Also if you are interested in doing an engagement photo – go get one done. That way your family can proudly send it to the papers to announce your upcoming nuptials. You may get lucky enough to be so pleased with your engagement photographer that he or she can do your wedding as well. Once that’s done go down to your local pharmacy Bride Magazines and get all the bridal mags your little heart desires.

Let’s face facts you are just dying to see all the gorgeous gowns and ideas.

Just remember once you open those covers ….. there is no turning back…

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